OUMC Small Groups
Imagine being part of a group where you really know each other, and where you are really known. Imagine a group with enough love and trust that you can challenge each other with the Scriptures. Now’s your chance to experience this kind of group life.

What is a small group? During this unprecedented time, six to ten people gather together weekly to share joys, convictions and concerns. During today’s time of social distancing, some groups will gather in our Fellowship Hall, socially distant and wearing masks inside. Other groups will gather at a member’s backyard or deck. Others will gather online. It is your group.
What do small groups do?

Fellowship — today without food, maybe ice-breakers, etc.
Bible Study — Relating the Bible to our own lives.
Caring — Supporting and praying for one another

Are there discussion topics? You can choose your own. It is your group. You can discuss the previous Sunday’s sermon. You can choose one book of the Bible. You can all read a contemporary book and discuss. You can watch any number of YouTube small group videos ahead of gathering. You can use Visual Parables. It is your group.

How long is the commitment? The initial commitment is six weeks. After that, you and your group can decide to continue on together or to try out another group.

How do I join? Fill out the interest form so we can build just the right group for your needs.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Margi Moul at margimoul@gmail.com
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