MP IB Managebac Registration Form
Welcome to the Myers Park International Baccalaureate Program. Whether you are in the Middle Years Program (MYP--9th and 10th grades) or in the Diploma Programme (DP--11th and 12th grades) we use Managebac to communicate with you regarding various aspects of the program. Please fill out this form if you do not already have a Managebac account.

Once you fill out this form, the IB Coordinator will enter your information in to Managebac and it will send you a welcome email and you can get started by setting your password etc.

If you already have a Managebac account, but have forgotten your password, please use this form (found through this link ( so that the IB Coordinator can resend you a welcome email so that you can reset your password.

Link to reset password for Managebac

We are very much looking forward to our school year!
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This is the name that you'd like the IB Coordinator to call you when she meets with you.
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Please use a non-CMS student email address. This may be a good time to create a "formal" email that you'll use for your academic career. Above all, please make sure that you check this email regularly, as this is the primary form of communication that the IB Coordinator will use with you. (We ask for a non-CMS student email address because often the CMS email server blocks emails from Managebac.)
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