Founding MIX Moderators' Application Form
The Founding MIX Moderators are laying the groundwork for future Moderators to come. is an ambitious initiative fueled by a passionate and talented team of people who believe this organization will change the world. Working one community at a time, to give local people who don't travel, and tourists who don't mix with the local people, a chance to have fun, safe and insightful cultural exchanges. You must be patient, accepting and passionate about cultural exchange if you're to be considered to moderate MIXs.

Founding MIX Moderators will receive a special badge on their' profile, recognizing their early contribution to the MIX Movement.

It is because of the Founding MIX Moderators, we will launch this initiative in as many communities as possible, rapidly building our brand to connect hundreds of millions of people around the world. We will overcome fear, prejudices and preconceptions, we will MIXThePeople and move toward a more collaborative and cohesive world culture. One step at a time.

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