SUMMER ENGLISH ENRICHMENT ACADEMY 2019, Grades 4th - 8th (More than 3 years in US schools.)(2019年暑期英語改進學院, 4至8年級 (在美國的學校入讀超過3年))
One of the goals of the Alhambra Unified School District is to support and ensure all English Learners (EL) to become proficient in English. This summer, the district is excited to offer a Summer English Enrichment Academy for 4th - 8th grade EL students. This form is ONLY for 4th - 8th grade students who have been in US schools for more than 3 years. (阿罕布拉聯合學區的其中一個目標是支援學區的英語學習生(EL)及確保其英語達到熟練程度. 這個暑期, 學區感到很興奮可以向4至8年級的英語學習生(EL)提供暑期英語改進學院. 這個表格祗適用於4至8年級並已經在美國的學校入讀超過3年的學生.)
Space is limited. Are you committed to have your child attend all 18 days of summer school from June 5 - June 28, 2019? (學額有限. 你是否承諾能夠讓你子女出席暑期學校由2019年6月5日至6月28日的全部18個上課日 ?) *
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