Application For Enrollment In Leveraging Your Time Monthly Intensives
This is an application for enrollment in Leveraging Your Time Monthly Intensives. I have you apply for this program for a very valuable reason... I only want clients who are Ready and Set to Go in Leveraging Your Time. The Monthly Intensives program is... well... intensive. You are able to learn skills that will help you take control of your personal and professional life. You will receive a considerable amount of tools that you can implement right away. You will receive solution focused coaching and I demonstrate in real ways how to complete the components in your personal and professional life.

You must complete this questionnaire before signing up for Monthly Intensives. After you fill this out, I receive a notice and review your application. If you are a fit for this program, then I am going to send an email telling you to schedule a phone call. After the phone call, if I feel you are a fit and you feel comfortable with me, then payment is made. I do not start the program until all these steps are completed in order. A practice on how one must focus, prioritize, and find success... all parts of Leveraging Your Time.

I offer a high quality, well research, practical, unique to you coaching program that has real world application and virtual assistance included to demonstrate how to implement these components.

You will be paying for my time, my research, my coaching, my virtual assistance, my quick thinking and even quicker development of NEW tools just for you.

You will receive the work of a coach, accountability partner, researcher, virtual assistance, tools developed, training to implement, and other awesome tools developed just for your situation... and all from one Leveraging Your Time expert. You will find that I am able to do more for you than anyone else you can hire... and in fact, you would have to hire several people.

That is not a bragging statement. It is the truth. I prove it every day to clients all the time. I will prove it to you. Every day.

You would have to pay for at least three other people to get all the services I provide you. In fact, I will help you get yourself and your business ready to hire virtual assistants if you choose to go that route... or an in house person... and I do it for far less than if you hired three people - coach included.

I have never seen a coach provide the one-on-one approach, the practical tools, and the hands on demonstration of how to implement or complete tasks as I do.

Yes, my Monthly Intensives are attached to a high price. It is now where you have to decide if this is what you are ready to do. Hire a coach, a training development specialist (for your business) and a virtual assistant... all for one price.

The choice is yours. Are you ready to make it?

Dannie :)

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This is what you get when you begin the Leveraging Your Time Monthly Intensives Program
You receive a weekly email - sent on Sunday morning so you have time to read over the homework before the first call.

You receive two (2) weekly calls - one early in the week to review homework and one later in the week to review what you completed with your homework.

During these calls - you control the time spent on the calls - no call all the way to 2 hours per call.

During these calls - you control the topic of the calls. We discuss what you feel is necessary to implement the tools and skills taught in your personal and/or professional life.

During these calls - you can ask for assistance - practical, hands on assistance on specific topics as it relates to implementing the tools and skills in your personal and professional life.

You also receive 1 hour per week of 'virtual assistance' - up to 4 hours per month to demonstrate how to implement or to assist you in completing the tasks related to what we are discussing. For example, when we talked about the success plan template and you want to see how to make this template an actual document that you can refer back to... you can have me type it up as a document, PDF, or power point. When we are talking about databases, you can have me assist you in cleaning up your database and get it ready for you to maintain.

Yes, this program is expensive compared to many other coaching programs. It is because I do not just throw some happy words to you and tell you what you want to hear. I have created solid and proven effective tools, offer solution based coaching, and demonstrate to you what you need to do to Leverage Your Time... real steps shown how to accomplish them.

Are you aware of the price associated with the Monthly Intensives Program? We have three program duration options - the program costs $59,964 payable in 12 monthly payments ($4,997 each) or 6 monthly payments ($9,994 each), or 3 monthly payments ($19,988 each) depending on how quickly you want to complete the Monthly Intensives program. *
Are you committed to paying the minimum monthly subscription fee of $4997? *
Your First Lesson in Leveraging Your Time
Yes, the payment portion of this questionnaire is important. You need to know how much you will pay each month. If you are sweating, having heart palpitations, or otherwise suffering anxiety issues... this program is not for you.


Because you either cannot afford the monthly payment (no shame in that, some can, some can't)... or you are not at the point where you know this is something you need to the point you will commit both time and MONEY to address these issues.

If you do not have the money for the Monthly Intensives program - consider the All - In Accountability program. It is a monthly payment of $1497.00. It is not as intensive as the Monthly Intensives program... it is still valuable and useful... just not as intense... and that is an option. You can always go with the workshops, online courses, workbook and other sources that are at a lower price point.

And please, do not feel shame or guilt or think I have a less of an opinion of you... I don't. Some can afford it, some can't. I have different price points for a reason... for people who just are not at the point yet where they can afford the Monthly Intensives program.

If you cannot afford the Monthly Intensives and know you cannot afford the Monthly Intensives... don't bother with the rest of the questions... go ahead and click out of this questionnaire and begin Leveraging Your Time. No sense filling out a questionnaire, scheduling a call when you cannot make the first payment. Again, no shame... just how it is... Take advantage of the lower price point options... my heart and soul are invested in those products as much as in the Monthly Intensives.

Dannie :)

Well, now I guess we can move on to this question - What does Leveraging Your Time mean to you? *
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Describe an average day for you - highlight the times where you cannot focus, cannot prioritize, feel overwhelmed, cannot say no etc... yeah, I need to get a feel of how much you struggle with Leveraging Your Time. *
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How often do you procrastinate when you do not want to commit to beginning or finishing a project? *
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How do you find your focus now? *
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What is your biggest time waster? *
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How often do you feel overwhelmed, chaotic, always running late, disorganized or other similar feelings? *
When you feel overwhelmed, chaotic, late, disorganized etc... what do you normally do? *
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You will take a Leveraging Your Time Assessment once you begin the Monthly Intensives program. However, I am curious as to what you think your areas of greatest need are. Check as many as apply to you. *
How often do you use passive aggressive words or behaviors to deal with others? *
The Monthly Intensives program requires you to do homework on your own, schedule up to two calls per week up to 2 hours each call... do you have time to complete the homework and attend the calls?
A little bit of explanation about Monthly Intensives
Part of your Monthly Intensives program is homework and we have one call where we talk to make sure you have all the details you need and any answers to questions you may have about the homework. We will also talk about how you can use RIGHT NOW as conversation in your calls. For example, if you are struggling with finding your focus on a particular issue - a new program you want to start... we spend your call talking about that particular issue in detail with real steps where you can find a solution.

You determine how long of a call you will need. If you have no questions at all - you do not have to have a call until later in the week. If you have a single quick question, the call can be 15 minutes or less. If you need to ask questions about how to settle an issue coming up like that used above as an example... you can take the entire 2 hours in the beginning of the week and up the entire 2 hours at the end of the week. You are in complete control each week for what you need and how we proceed.

If you ask for assistance in a particular area or issue in the early week call, I will have the 'assistance' completed by the time of your next call. We will discuss the results of the 'assistance' request during the second call.

Dannie :)

Do you understand how you are in control of the topic of the call and the duration of the call as long as no one call goes over the two hour maximum? *
Three Options for Monthly Intensives Program
The main option of Monthly Intensives Program called simply Monthly Intensives Signature Service is a 12 month commitment. We take one topic a month to work intensely in the component so you can not only learn about the topic but receive assistance in your personal and professional life implementing the tools and seeing the end result.

Monthly Intensives Accelerated is a 6 month commitment. We take two months to discuss each of the three categories of Leveraging Your Time. The three categories are - Determining Your Direction (Success Planning, Finding Your Focus, and Prioritizing Work and Life); Empowered to Take Action (Assertiveness, Leadership, Delegation, and Saying No); Tools to Implement (Time Management, Email Management, Database Management, Lead/Relationship Development, Organization).

The Monthly Intensives Three Month Boot Camp is a three month commitment that will cover one category a month. You receive all the same information and tools and services... just compressed into three months.

I am going to be honest... I do the same amount of work no matter which option you choose. I have set up a program for each of these options so I just send the emails and attend the calls as you schedule them.

The hard work is on your side. You have to do the work and you have less time to do it. I offer the accelerated and boot camp versions because people have balked at 'spending a whole year doing this....'

However, you have to figure that it is going to be challenging to do that much work and really learn to apply it in half or a third of the time. Your best bet is the 12 month program.

Believe me, I would love to get the full amount in 3 or 6 months... but I am not in this to get as much money as I can as quickly as I can. I am a Leveraging Your Time expert and I can assist you in learning and applying these skills and tools. It is more important to me to give you all the assistance you deserve than how quickly I can receive the money.

Dannie :)

I am interested in *
I am ready to set aside up to 5 hours a week for the 12 month program; 7 hours a week for the 6 month program; at least 10 hours a week for the 3 month program. *
I am ready to make my first payment for the Monthly Intensives program tomorrow. *
I am looking forward to exploring - finding - discovering - getting rid of... *
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My biggest fear of taking this program is? *
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Thank you
Thank you for filling out this questionnaire and finding out more about this program. As you can tell, I am transparent in what I offer you, who I am, and what you will get from program. I am looking forward to reviewing your answers to find if you are a good candidate for the Monthly Intensives Program. And I will be honest, I am looking for someone who is ready to make a decision about Leveraging Their Time now. Someone who is willing to commit the time and the money necessary to complete this program. Someone who understands that now is the time to change and that change will reap far more than the monthly fee.

One last note. There is no formal long term commitment, agreement, or contract. You will not receive all the materials if you do not do the entire 12 months of the program. However, you can cancel your commitment with Dannie Frey at any time by cancelling the recurring payment through Paypal. I will not have access to your Paypal account and cannot cancel for you. If you do not schedule or attend the call, do not complete the homework or apply yourself to this program, then you are wasting your money. There are no refunds at all with this program. You must prepay for your services and you have the ability to cancel at any time. Once payment is made, Dannie Frey does not give refunds. If you are unable to attend your calls on a weekly basis due to travel or emergencies, you have the ability to reschedule for a time when you can attend. These are critical steps to Leveraging Your Time.

Looking forward to getting back in touch with you.

Dannie :)

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