Bicycling Skills for Adults—Registration
Bicycling Skills for Adults is an 8-hour class designed to teach adult cyclists how to use a bicycle with confidence and competence for pleasure, utility and sport under various road, climate, terrain, and traffic conditions.

The class is organized into three levels:
1. The Basics
The Bicycle; Maintenance; Clothing & Equipment; Bicycle Handling

2. Bicycling in Traffic
Your Role in Traffic; Avoiding Crashes; Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers

3. Enjoying the Ride
Riding Enjoyment; Ride Etiquette; Helping Motorists Share the Road

The levels are progressive and each builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the previous level.

Brought to you by the Hawaii State Department of Transportation, Kauai Path, the Kapaa Library, and the League of American Bicyclists.
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