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This survey is part of our effort to evaluate the usefulness of the mental health toolkit you accessed through our website. Please respond honestly.  Whether or not you participate will not affect your eligibility for services. Your responses to this questionnaire will be held to the same standards of confidentiality as other information kept by this agency. If you agree to participate in this survey, please read the following statement and select “I agree” below. Thank you for your help!
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I have read this consent form (or this consent form has been read to me), and I agree to participate in this evaluation survey. I understand that my participation is completely voluntary and that I can refuse to answer any question that is asked. *
The toolkit is easy to access and understand.
The toolkit includes information and resources that are relevant to my situation.
I can see myself using the information and resources included in the toolkit.
I will share information about the toolkit with others who may be in need of it. 4
Overall, how would you rate the Mental Health Toolkit? *
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