Parent Survey - School Re-Entry Planning
Grasslands Public Schools is developing a plan for school re-entry by following the guidelines set by the Minister of Education and Alberta Health Services. As we plan, we would like to hear what is important to you. We realize that the COVID-19 restrictions may change in the next two months so your feedback is based on our current situation.

Alberta Education has said that by August 1st, they will decide which one of the following options we will use for school re-entry.

1. Return to normal school operations with health restrictions to ensure safety;
2. Schools are partially reopened, with increased levels of health restrictions; and
3. In person classes remained cancelled and students continue to learn at home.

Survey participation is by choice and all responses are private. Please consider taking 5 minutes to share your thoughts.

If you have specific questions regarding your child(ren), please contact your school principal.
How many children in your family will be attending school in Grasslands in September? *
What grade(s) are your children in? Select all that apply. *
What school(s) will your child(ren) attend next school year? Select all that apply. *
Does your child(re) ride the bus? *
If yes, if changes to busing need to occur, I am able to get my child(ren) to school by: Select all that apply.
At this time, what is your preferred option for student learning next year? *
As a parent, besides your child(ren) catching COVID-19, what is your biggest concern about your child(ren)'s education next school year? *
Do any of your children have specialized learning needs that are supported by an individual program plan (IPP)? *
Health and safety of our students and staff is our priority and we will continue to follow the guidelines of Alberta Health Services. What measures will make you the most comfortable when your child(ren) return to school? Select all that apply. *
When it comes supporting your child(ren) in learning at home, what has been the biggest challenge for you? *
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