StoryFinds Book Club Survey
StoryFinds is working to build a book club where readers can engage with authors but we want to build this book club right and with reader input. We value your time and thank you for your responses.
Email address
Are you interested in a book club which reads different genres each month?
If yes, what genres are you interested in: (please pick your top 3 genres)
How many books a month are you interested in reading?
Does the length of the book matter?
What do you want to learn from the author?
Are you willing to engage with the author in a Facebook Group setting?
Are you willing to pay full price for the book featured in the book club?
Would you be more willing to be in the book club if the book featured was discounted in price?
If yes, discounted by how much?
Would you be willing to write honest reviews about the book?
What are your favorite genres to read? Choose all that apply.
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