DivorStory - Questions
Remember: everything you write will be anonymous! Here are some questions to ponder. Feel free to reply to some or all, and add your own notes as you see fit. Thanks for sharing your DivorStory
with us! - R&E
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Full Name
Tell us your divorce story in a few lines. Why did you leave your marriage, or why do you think your marriage didn’t work?
What surprised you about divorce? Either yours specifically, or divorce in general?
What was the biggest lesson you learned about yourself during/after your divorce?
What makes your experience unlike anyone else’s?
Finish this sentence: “If i had to do it all over again, i would____”
What was your lowest point post divorce? Your highest?
What is the biggest thing you have struggled with since your divorce?
You hop in a time travel machine. You’re headed straight for yourself, one hour before your wedding. What would you tell the bride/groom?
What has brought you comfort during this time? (some suggestions: massage therapy, spiritual enlightenment, fitness, friends, wine)
Who has been your biggest inspiration through this process?
Is there anything you haven’t told people about your relationship? Or your divorce? Care to share anonymously?
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