School Idol Tomodachi Christmas Girl Election 2018
➜ Round 1: this poll ✨
3 days 📅📅📅
Dec 6th 5am - 9th 5am UTC

➜ Round 2: Twitter@schoolidolu
1 day to vote 📅
Dec 9th 5am - 11th 5am UTC
Perfect Dream Project

➜ Round 3: Twitter@schoolidolu
2 days 📅📅
Dec 11th 5am - Dec 13th 5 am UTC
Vote now:

🏆 Announcement:
Dec 13th 5 am UTC
⏱ Countdown before announcement:

The winner is Eli! Thanks everyone who voted!


The winning idol will be featured on Sukutomo homepage + @schoolidolu Twitter icon from the end of the tournament and until after Christmas!

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