GLNC Water Test Feedback
This form was made up to let you give the test chair of Great Lakes water test an idea of what is working or not working. What do you want to see in a test, what issues that seem to come up that can be addressed for next year?

You answers will remain anonymous!
New exhibitor this year, how much did you understand how the test would be done?
I didn't understand it at all
It was perfectly clear
New exhibitor this year, how comfortable were you with the test's layout?
Not comfortable at all
Very comfortable
Returning exhibitors, did the test go as smoothly as it has in the past for you?
It was not smooth at all
It was a very smooth test
What were your key take aways from this event?
Your answer
How satisfied were you with the food?
1 = Very dissatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
Taco Bar Dinner
Catered Dinner
Do you have feedback for the meals?
Your answer
Please check the box of which meal you'd like to keep for next year.
Would you rather have...
Volunteering & Stewarding
How likely are you to help volunteer and/or steward next year?
Not likely at all
Highly likely
If you are considering volunteering, where would you be most willing to help out next year?
General Feedback
What aspect would you change to make the test better?
Controllable items please! We cannot control the weather, unfortunately!
Your answer
Do you have a suggestion for fundraising that could help raise money to provide for these tests?
Your answer
Thank you for your time in filling this out so that we can make the test better every year!
It takes a village to put on a water test and a lot of hours are put in months ahead of the test date. The Great Lakes Water test has been going on for over 40+ years and will be having a 50th coming up in a few years. We want to continue to have a good test and maybe have a Spectacular 50th. To do this there will be some extra expenses that will incur. If the club can start now with ideas to make money, it will help with having a 50th that will be unforgettable.
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