Cornish Care Worker / Key Worker Emergency Accommodation Request

NB: PLEASE NOTE that at times when tourists are able to come to Cornwall, the availability of pledged accommodation for care worker isolation is extremely low. However, we may have other options and will do what we can to help you.

Welcome to Cornwall Hugs Care Workers and thank you for the frontline work you are doing. In the Covid-19 crisis, some holiday-let and hotel providers are kindly offering temporary accommodation to enable Care Workers to move out of home when they need to. This may be to protect vulnerable loved ones at home or because a loved one has symptoms or because they are covering a staffing need away from their home town.

If you need emergency accommodation, please register using the form below. We cannot guarantee that we can find something for you but we will do our very best.

This Cornwall Hugs service is specifically for the 15,500 Care Workers in Cornwall working in care homes and domiciliary care. We may also be able to help Key Workers who cannot access support elsewhere or signpost them where there is specific provision they can access (eg for RCHT or CPFT permanent employees).

Once you have applied, we will contact you with options (if available) as close to your home as possible. Some may be offered free of charge, others may involve basic costs or discounted rent. The likely possible stay is 1-2 weeks, possibly up to 4 but will vary according to the property.  In order to place you, we will need some verification of ID (eg photo of your work ID). Our aim is to get back to you within 24 hours, if not before. However, we are a small team, so please bear with us.

Cornwall Hugs' role here is to connect Care Workers in need with those offering accommodation. We are accepting only accommodation that is available commercially, however, we are not able to check individual properties. Cornwall Hugs can accept no liability, so please exercise the usual caution you would when taking up accommodation away from home.

Thank you for the brave work you are doing in our communities. We hope that this service supports you. Please let us know if you have any feedback.

Thank you!

Esmé Page
Founder, Cornwall Hugs
Charity #1177796

Image:, shot pro bono for Cornwall Hugs Care Workers
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