Lagos International Festival of Animation, LIFANIMA
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For further enquiries, please call Seyi - 0818 292 7958, 0700 272 6333

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2018 Edition of LIFANIMA
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Terms of Submission of Entries
USP Communications Limited, its representatives or assigns or persons authorized by it , shall have the right to use, publish or broadcast the visual, audio or video material herein described and submitted for Lagos International Festival of Animation, LIFANIMA for promotional purposes, either touched up, altered, or edited in any manner. I undertake not to prosecute any proceedings or claims or demand against the said USP Communications Limited, or any person authorized by it in respect of the use of the said visual, audio or video material so touched up, altered, or distorted.

By submitting entries, participants waive any right to inspect or approve the said material before the same may be used, published or broadcast.

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