Esports Tournament - Team Competitor
The tournament has been officially delayed, BUT we highly recommend you start practicing with your teams while we hit critical mass with applicants.

For Teams:
- Only fill out this form if you have a full team for the game you are playing.
- One member of the team should be appointed as the "Team Captain" and they should be the only one to fill out this form.
- The team captain will be the point of contact for all competition related communication.

Rules for event:
Email *
What is your Hero Trainer username? *
What is your discord username? *
What game will your team be participating in? *
Please write each team member's Hero Trainer username and Game ID. *
For example; FoundingHero - FounderH. Make a new line for each contestant. Please keep in mind the number of teammates for each game. Rocket League is 3. Valorant and LoL is 5, and CoD is 6.
If you wish to have one substitute player on the team, please write their Hero Trainer username and Game ID.
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