Next Act 2016 Pit Interest!
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Phone Number
Just numbers, no dashes or other stuff :)
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MIT e-mail
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Would you be interested in being a rehearsal/audition pianist?
This does NOT mean you have to play in the pit :)
What part/parts would you be interested in?
If you play multiple instruments, feel free to select more than one! Also feel free to select a reed part even if you don't play all of the doublings
Tell me a bit about your past music experience.
No prior pit experience necessary :)
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What conflicts (aside from class) might interfere with rehearsals next semester?
NACT Pit typically rehearses twice a week for 90 minutes, not including sitzprobe (the big practice with the cast). If you don't think you'll have too much trouble, "none" is an acceptable answer :)
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Do you anticipate having any conflicts during prod week (the week before the show) and the weekend of performance (CPW)?
Are you in any other groups that might interfere with performances? Attendance during prod week rehearsals and actual performances is extremely important.
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Anything else you want me to know?
Thanks for dealing with the survey :)
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