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For assistance completing this form or any other enquiry please contact Penny at 0448 191 542 or penny@compassionate-therapy.net.au
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Happy Generous Sustainable Community Project
Our vision is a community that is peaceful and compassionate towards all individuals of all ages and abilities. A community that is sustainable is built on individuals who are happy and healthy. We believe when individuals are happy no matter what; they are more compassionate and generous. These capacities are the cornerstone to a emotionally and financially sustainable community and intention of this project.
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Diet / Nutrition
We will endeavour to supply healthy drinks and snacks, that are free from gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, corn, nuts. If you have specific requirements please note that below, we will do our best to meet those needs. If we can't we'll let you know so you can take care for your own needs.
Dietary requests or allergies.
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What is the Generosity Project?
We believe in a world where acts of generosity is the preferred currency. We believe the exchange of other resources has the potential to not only address living expenses, but also to build relationships, community, sustainability, and compassion. We believe that generosity comes from the heart.

Instead of paying a registration fee we ask you to join the Generosity Project.
Maybe you'll help us, maybe you'll help a family member, maybe someone else in the community.
We need help with sharing this workshop. Can you pin a poster on a noticeboard?
Can you print the pay it forward cards (see below)? Can you help with the Generosity Project administration?
We need help with workshop logistics like accommodation, catering, setting up etc etc.

What have you to offer?
Fill in at the bottom or contact Penny 0448 191 542 to discuss.

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What acts of kindness and generosity do you have to offer?
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