Sinister Rust Server Application
Answer All The Questions To Apply Then Hit Submit! (Checked Daily)(Will Monitor Players That Apply)
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What role do you want to be on Sinister Rust? And why? (Chat mod, Mod, or Admin) *
How many hours total do you have on Rust? *
How much rust experience do you have, to help out other players? *
Do you have any previous rust server staff experience?(if so which server and what role.) *
Why do you want to become a staff member? *
About how many hours can you be on the server per day to moderate chat and player behavior? *
What would you do if you found someone being toxic or believe is being toxic? *
What would you do if you found a suspected cheater/ hacker on the server and no one else was on? *
Do You Know Most Rust Admin Commands? *
If You Chose To Be A Admin You Agree To Not Playing On The Server (Spawning Items Are Logged And Checked To See If You Are Giving Out Items To Friends Or Players)
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