Takapuna Grammar Rowing Club Learn to Row 2019 Registration & Health Profile
Version: 21 May 19
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Terms & Conditions
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* I give permission for the below named Student to take part in this activity.
* I certify that the below named Student is capable of swimming 50m unaided.
* I will inform the Rowing Club as soon as possible of any changes in the medical or other circumstances between now and the commencement of the Learn to Row Programme.
* I agree to the student receiving any emergency medical, dental, or surgical treatment, including anaesthetic or blood transfusion, as considered necessary by the medical authorities present.
* Any medical costs not covered by ACC or a Community Services card will be paid by me.
* I agree to pay the non-refundable $200 fee for the Learn to Row programme in full before 1 July 2019.

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