Agency Readiness to Implement CPP Survey
This questionnaire serves as your application to the CPP training and was designed to help you think about your agency's readiness to take part in the CPP Learning Collaborative (LC) and implement CPP. Sections are organized according to different aspects of CPP Fidelity.

Before completing this form, please make sure that you have watched our videos and/or read our materials about the CPP Learning Collaborative process.

If your team decides to participate in a CPP LC and is selected, we will also ask your team to complete:

1) CPP LC Team Members Survey: Basic information about team members participating in training (completed by an agency representative)

2) CPP LC Participant Registration Form (completed by each person in training)

Individual Practitioners
We typically do not accept private practitioners to training as we feel that learning to do a trauma treatment requires the support of a team. Training is also limited, and we are committed to supporting those working with underserved populations. If you are in an agency with an existing team, and they can support your learning, we are happy to have you join.

Some trainers may offer exceptions if the following conditions are met:

1) practitioners reside in a rural area or an area where there are limited services for young children

2) practitioners provide services to low-income families who have experienced trauma

3) practitioners are licensed

4) practitioners agree to form reflective supervision consultation groups at least for the duration of the 18-month learning collaborative.

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