SoonerCon 2020 D&D Adventurers League Volunteer Sign-Up Form
Hail Adventurer! We have a task that needs doing, interested?

The Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League needs your assistance June 26-28, 2020 for SoonerCon 29 at the Embassy Suites in Norman, OK.

We need DMs to run games all weekend. Volunteering for just one Time Slot gets you a 1-day pass to that day of the Con, while volunteering for 2 Time Slots earns you a 3-day badge!

NOTE: Volunteers will be selected on an as-needed and first come, first serve basis. The more flexible you are on duties and schedule, the more likely you are to get in.

NOTE: Many adventures will be sent to you using the DMs Guild, so the email you provide should be the email you use for this account. If you DO NOT have a DMs Guild account, we need you to make one at
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The Dungeons and Dragon's Adventurer's League is a place where players of every race, religion, gender, and orientation may come and find a safe and fun experience. DMs who fail to adhere to this code of conduct will politely but firmly be asked to leave. Disruptive players should be warned and, if behavior persists, should be politely but firmly asked to leave.
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You are responsible for showing up for your time slot, on time, and if you cannot make your assigned time slots that you will let the Head Admin know as quickly as possible. No-shows will be noted and can reflect badly on the program in the eyes of players and event staff. You are also acknowledging that you are expected to provide a quality experience and will do so by being prepared to run your assigned adventure(s) and will keep to the rules and codes of the Adventurers League.
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We will be using DMs Guild to provide adventures in the form of .pdfs, please be sure you are signed-up and have provided the correct email address associated with this account.
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