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You may email us at valerieroemarketing@gmail.com to find out if there is an availability for your company in the desired event. Or  See which events are available for your company  here >>> https://www.risingstarevents.net/open-events-by-company   

All our vendor spots are FCFS, limited to one rep per company & 22 vendors per event. The official cut-off is a week prior or when we reach 22 vendors

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Did you know that we OFFER SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICES for more than one event spot?  (in most cases)    PRICES:  https://www.risingstarevents.net/lowprices         *
New for 2023 & 2024 events. SAVE BIG with our BULK Package deal Pricing! 
Would you like to pick one of these package deals? 

Based on the availability of events for your company.

(mix & match years and companies too!) 

You can see what events are available for your company here 🎉🎉>>> https://www.risingstarevents.net/open-events-by-company 

To get this SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL PRICING payment must be made in ONE payment! And you MUST choose paying “FRIENDS & FAMILY or PERSONAL.”       

Will you be able to add USA and/or Canadian non-vendor people to the event AND have at least 15 non-vendors JOIN

If not, please include $10 per event ($20 per wedding, $15 per 3-week events, $18 per month-long, $22 for 2-month, $33 per 3-month events, $45 per 6-month events & $55 per year-long events) AND share this event on your personal profile. 

You will be given the ability to post on the day the event begins, AFTER you have 15 non-vendors JOIN & TAG you in the Roll Call post OR paid the fee to have this waived & shared the event on your page. (the waiver can be purchased at anytime) 

If it says CLOSED or CLOSED?FULL, then we are no longer accepting new vendors for that event. 
Which event(s) do you wish to register for?  (subject to availability) Not all events are available for every company. 

If you need a list of openings for your company, send us an email at ValerieRoeMarketing@gmail.com and we will send you one. OR  See which events are available for your company  here >>> https://www.risingstarevents.net/open-events-by-company     

You may pick as many as you want, based on availability. One rep per company in each event.  

All spots are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED, limited to one rep per company & 22 vendors per event. The official cut-off is a week prior or when we reach 22 vendors.

We will be making you ADMINS in the events you are registered, after requirements are met. However due to recent events; we need you to READ this and AGREE to this before we will make you an admin.  If any vendor abuses admin privileges such as approving or declining join requests, they will be subject to only posting through pre-approval. Any vendors deleting another vendors’ post or making changes to group settings will IMMEDIATELY be removed from the group. Your admin privileges are limited to only use for posting, making an album & scheduling posts. *
Are you interested in joining some 2024 events? *
Leave your email here and we will send you the list of available events for 2024. Watch for an email from ValerieRoeMarketing@gmail.com (check spam & junk folders)
Will you join our PRIVATE group, just for our APPROVED Vendors? (this is the HUB for messages/guidelines/help/etc. to vendors during the event. It is VERY IMPORTANT for Event communications - #1 check out the post “STEP BY STEP Instructions”) This is required of all approved vendors. *
Do you agree to PARTICIPATE Actively in the event (at least once a day) This is required of all approved vendors. *
Will you SHARE this event to your personal FB page and/or your Business FB page/group. This is required of all approved vendors. *
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At the END of the event, do you agree to fill out the VENDOR SALES REPORT? at ... http://bit.ly/RSEVendorSales *
Will you leave us a short review on our page AFTER the event is over? *
E-SIGNATURE... by filling in your name here, you have read, understand & accepted the event information & terms. By typing my name below, I am electronically signing my application. *
Thank you for taking the time to register. We will EMAIL you a confirmation, if you are accepted. All emails will be coming from  valerieroemarketing@gmail.com. (please check your SPAM & JUNK folder) *
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