2018 Quilts by the Bay Quilt Show Entry Form
Welcome to the Annapolis Quilt Guild's quilt submission page.

If you are an Annapolis Quilt Guild member and you've either quilted or pieced (OR both) a quilt, you are eligible to enter your quilt in the show at Annapolis High School on June 10 and 11, 2018. You are required to volunteer at least 2 hours of your time at the show or in the planning of the show, in order to enter a quilt.

If you prefer not to use this online form, you can get a hard copy at the monthly meetings or you can download and print one at www.annapolisquiltguild.org. If you have any questions regarding your submission, please contact Julie Antinucci at julieantinucci@yahoo.com or Patti Ackerman at thumpersmom2@verizon.net.

No inherited quilts or quilts made by non-members are eligible for registration.

Deadline for all quilt submissions is April 15, 2018!

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If this is an entry for a child's quilt, provide your name below (as you are the member sponsoring that child) and the child's name in either the "Name of the Quilt Top Piecer" and/or "Name of Quilter." The child does not have to perform both the piecing AND the quilting, just one. Please provide the name of the person who helped complete the quilt.

If you are entering a quilt as a member, you must complete at least ONE of these two tasks.

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