IC 2019 Shabbat + Rituals Steering Application
Shabbat and tefillah are truly magical experiences at IC. It’s at these times when we feel united; we feel like a family. We need great talent to ensure that Shabbat remains a special moment at IC. This team will work on every element of Shabbat during International Convention including, but not limited to: Shabbat Atmosphere, Kabbalat Shabbat, Saturday Morning Services, and Shacharit/Mincha/Ma’ariv.

Responsibilities Include:
-Work with all daily service facilitators to ensure a top-quality spiritual experience every day.
-Work with team to create and execute a high quality service.
-Assist with HaMotzi/Birkat HaMazon culture, ceremonial blessings and other elements of Jewish experience.
-Support programming and opportunities in the Jewish Learning Lab and Beit Midrash.
-Act as an exemplary role model for all other teens present throughout the weekend.

Additionally, you'll be expected to attend all IC Steering Meetings (1:00 pm EST on December 2nd, January 6th, January 27th, February 10th, and March 10th) and all your individual committee meetings via Zoom.

Got questions? Let us know! Fill them out at the bottom of this form when you apply, or right now by emailing either one of us. We can't wait to hear from you!

Aidan Jacoby + Emily Kolodney
sgan@bbyo.org + sganit@bbyo.org
94th and 74th Grand and International S'ganim

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