Customer Account Updates
Pollywoggles added customer Accounts to their website in 2022, and now pattern customers can access and download all purchased patterns by logging in.  The account feature also includes automatic updates for all patterns!  For everyone who has purchased patterns prior to January 2022, or who originally purchased on Etsy (which does not provided updated or expanded patterns to previous purchasers) and who would like to have access to them through the new website, this form is intended to help streamline this process.  

Here's how this will work:
First, set up an account at
Then, fill out this form so I will be able to confirm your previously purchased patterns and add them to your new account.

This process isn't automatic, so please have patience while I use your name and/or email address to manually confirm and link your patterns to each new account.  Allow at least 24hrs after filling out this form for me to process the new accounts, and if you don't get an email confirming access to your patterns within that time frame, or if any of your previously purchased patterns don't show up in your new account, contact me by email at so I can follow up on things for you.  
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Have you set up and confirmed a new Account at ? *
If you haven't done this yet, open a new window or tab and set up your new Account before proceeding through the rest of this form.  
Name *
This should be the same name that you used to set up your new Customer Account.
Email Address *
This should be the same email address that you used to set up your new Customer Account.
If you may have used a different name or email address when you previously purchased any Pollywoggles patterns, what might those be?
Did you purchase your Pollywoggles patterns through the old Pollywoggles website, or through Etsy?
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Pollywoggles has two patterns, the Fathom Five Rashguard (swim shirt) and the Yoho Headband, that are available for FREE.  Would you like these patterns added to your new account?
Because these patterns were free on my old site, I won't have order records for them, so if these are the only Pollywoggles patterns you own so far, be sure to say "yes please" to let me know you'd like me to have them in your Account.
Fathom Five
Yes, please!
No, thank you.
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