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Rules & Regulations
1. Monthly fee: £40 per month/ per child (£30 per child for families with more than one child enrolled)

2. Admin fee of £30 per child is payable for all new students at the time of enrolment.

3. Islamic books to be purchased from the office.

4. All fees are to be paid on the first weekend of each month.

5. Please note our admin team will not be able to entertain you to take the fee outside the Madrasah times, you can make payment during lesson time.

6. Any discussion or meeting you would like with your child teacher has to be arrange with admin team.

7. Minimum age requirements for the students attending Madrasah is 5 years. Children must be able to go toilet independently. Under 5 years old children will need to be tested before and place can be allocated.

8. Students are required to strictly adhere and uphold the Islamic rules and regulations pertaining to dress code. Students will not be allowed to attend their classes unless the dress code is fully followed.

- Girls: Girls must wear an abaya/ long dress which must cover their arms and shalwar under the abaya
- Boys: Boys must wear Jubba/Thaub/Shalwar Kameez and a topi (hat).

9. Students are required to display a high level of obedience, good conduct and good behaviour at all times.

10. In the event of the Madrasah receiving repeated complaints about troublesome students, the Madrasah will have no alternative but to expel the student from the Madrasah.

11. Students will be expected to respect the times of the Madrasah and to attend on time and leave only when the Madrasah time finishes.

12. A child wishing to leave Madrasah before the times has expired must bring a letter from their parent(s) / guardian(s).

13. Parent(s) / guardian(s) must ensure that their child is prepared for Madrasah every lesson with completed work and lessons ready to present to their teacher.

14. Changes in personal details must be addressed with the Madrasah team immediately in writing.

15. If you would like your child to leave alone, we will need to send an email to confirming that he or she is allowed to leave alone.

16. All personal information will be managed and stored securely according to GIC GDPR / Data Protection Policy.

The GIC Madrasah may be recorded through photographs and video film both for the participant to collate and celebrate their experiences but also for evaluation and promotional purposes by GIC.  I agree that the images may be used in media or publicity materials and celebration publications produced by those agencies. I understand that these images may be safely stored or archived digitally or manually and may be publicised in a variety of media forms including managed social network sites. I provide consent for such image(s) to be used at any time for promotional or publicity purposes. *
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