105F 26+2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training Application
Thank you for your interest in our 105F 26+2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training program.  Please complete the following questions to initiate the enrollment process and so that we can learn a little more about you and your practice and teaching goals.  We will follow-up via email after receiving your application with more info on next steps.
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1)  What is your full name, birthday, and phone number? *
2)  Where do you currently reside and what is your home studio? *
3)  Please provide the contact information (name, phone #, and email address) for your reference (this must be your studio owner or yoga mentor). *
4)  How many years have you been practicing yoga?  Please specify which type(s) of yoga and for how long you've been practicing each type. *
5)  What attracted you to the 26+2 series?  Why did you start practicing the 26+2 series and why do you continue to practice?  What are you currently working on in your own practice?   *
6)  Why do you want to become a certified hot yoga teacher?  What are your expectations for Teacher Training?   *
7)  Describe the most difficult decision you have had to make in the past few years.  What process did you go through and what was the outcome? *
8)  What does the word "yoga" mean to you and how do you use it in your daily life?  How will you use it as a teacher?   *
9)  How did you hear about us?  Who referred you to 105F's Teacher Training program?   *
10.  While we celebrate all walks of life, we do offer scholarship opportunities for BIPOC LGBTQ+ people and local Chicago residents committed to teaching at 105F upon graduation.  If would like to apply for one of these scholarships, please indicate that here and we will send you more information about the process (all scholarship applications must be received before 1/15/23).
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