AkASL Constitutional Amendment Ballot 2017
The AkASL Executive Board recommends "Do Pass" for each the following proposed amendments to the Alaska Association of School Librarians Constitution. All current voting members of AkASL are eligible to vote. Online voting is open through 11:59 PM, Thursday, January 18, 2018. Voter verification information needed to ensure only members vote, and only one ballot is cast per member; all responses are confidential. Need to update your membership status? http://akasl.org/join/

Shall AkASL Change section B.3.c in the AkASL constitution to read “The Regional Representatives shall be elected to serve for two years. The positions will be staggered so that Region 1 and 2 are elected on even years and Region 3 and 4 are elected on odd years.”?
Shall AkASL add to the AkASL constitution VI. B. 6. “All executive board members are voting members.” ?
Shall AkASL change IV.B.3.a in the AkASL constitution to read “The President-elect is elected from among the current and past board members.”?
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