2016-2017 CRS Grant Application Form
For funding July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017.

CRS Rice Bowl is the official Lenten program of Catholic Relief Services. It was created in 1975 with the goal of entering into solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas through prayer, fasting, learning, and giving. Many parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago participate in CRS Rice Bowl and through their generosity and support, help to fund CRS in their global initiatives. 75% of CRS Rice Bowl donations support CRS development projects throughout the world; while 25% of CRS Rice Bowl fund local programs and initiatives that animate the values of CRS here in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Criteria & Guidelines:
We primarily fund parishes and organizations that emulate the mission and vision of Catholic Relief Services on a local level. In addition to the international emergency aid that CRS provides, CRS has numerous initiatives to support vulnerable communities overseas, including projects focused on restorative justice, agricultural development, micro-lending, Fair Trade enterprises and initiatives, direct service assistance, hunger prevention initiatives, refugee relief, maternal health, and other related areas.

Grant Information
- Grant amount: from $1,000 to $3,000

- Grant period: one (1) year

- Eligibility: Up to 5 years. After 5 years of funding, organizations are asked to take a one-year break to allow for more organizations and parishes to receive funding.

- Project location: Cook and Lake Counties

Funding Areas
Restorative Justice: Training, Advocacy, or Other Related Initiatives

Agricultural Development: Community Gardens, Community-Owned Farmer's Markets

Fair Trade: Advocacy/Outreach, Small Businesses

Direct Service Assistance: Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters

Hunger Education and Advocacy

Nutrition Education

Others Areas (please specific below)

Grant Application
Please fill out all entries below and indicate N/A where not applicable. When you complete the application, click SUBMIT and you will receive a confirmation message. Submit all necessary attachments to the DropBox folder at http://www.chicagopeaceandjustice.org/RiceBowlGrants
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For organizations or projects directly connected with a Catholic parish, pastor's approval is required.
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The primary contact for this grant request--must be directly involved in the leadership of the organization applying for the grant.
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Must be between $1000 and $3000.
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Is the organization tax exempt, nonprofit? *
Has this project previously received CRS Rice Bowl funding? *
If you answered YES to the above question, please list previous years and amounts.
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What area is the project's primary funding area? *
Please contact the Office for Peace and Justice if you are unsure of your project's primary funding area.
If you choose "Other" please specify why your project area fits the CRS Rice Bowl Grant criteria. *
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Description of the project: *
What is the purpose of the project? Who and how many benefit from the project? How long as the project been in operation and what are its major accomplishments? (max 350 words)
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Low-income participation in project: *
Do persons who are of low-income or poor participate in the decision making of the project? If yes, please explain. (max 100 words)
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Parish and community involvement *
Do members of the parish (or nearby Catholic congregations) participate in the project? Does the project provide opportunities for service, advocacy, learning, communal prayer/reflection, fellowship, etc. among parishioners and/or community members? (max 350 words)
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2016-2017 Program Development Goals *
Outline the goal(s) to be achieved during CRS Rice Bowl grant period. Explain long-term goal(s) and then list quarterly steps to achieve goal(s). How will these goals expand or improve the project? (max 350 words)
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Financial overview of the project: *
What is the total cost of the project and what sources of funding does the project have this year (list sources and amounts if possible)? How would a CRS Rice Bowl grant benefit the project this year? (max 200 words)
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As an initiative of the Catholic Church in the United States, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) cannot fund organizations that engage in activities that contradict fundamental Catholic Moral or Social Teaching (e.g. promotion or support of contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, racism, the use of the death penalty or punitive measures toward immigrants, etc.) Prohibited activities include participation in or endorsing actions that promote legislation, ballot initiatives (including vote guides and other written materials) that contradict fundamental Catholic Moral and Social Teaching.

CRS cannot fund groups that knowingly participate in coalitions that have as part of their organizational purpose or coalition agenda or actions that contradict fundamental Catholic Moral or Social Teaching.

CRS cannot fund groups that engage in prohibited political campaign intervention on behalf of or opposition to any candidate for political office within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Code. Grantee can engage in genuinely non-partisan voter registration, education and advocacy but agrees not to participate in politically partisan activities which are prohibited.

Will the organization refrain from activities or coalitions that contradict fundamental Catholic Moral or Social Teaching? *
Will the applicant organization refrain from activities prohibited to 501(c)(3) organizations by the IRS? *
Please submit attachments to the DropBox folder at http://www.chicagopeaceandjustice.org/RiceBowlGrants. Please use the primary contact name when you submit attachments.

• 501(c)(3) Determination Letter from IRS (or proof of filing Form 1023)—if available
• Form 990
• Budget Form (download online)
• Leadership/board member profiles (download online)
• Any brochures, articles, and annual reports of the project, if available
• Several (at least 5) high-resolution photos of the project

Those submitting responses to the CRS Application or otherwise interacting with CRS and/or the Archdiocese of Chicago by way of providing information above, understand and agree that these applications and submissions are accurate and true to the best of their knowledge, and that they submit this application as representative of the project, with the knowledge and support of the organization's leadership.
Initial this box to agree to the above statement. *
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