Rain Barrel Order Form
Complete the online form below if you are interested in purchasing a rain barrel and someone will respond to your request within 24-48 hours. No money is due by completing this form. ALL Barrels are created by volunteers and are based on availability.
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*Abington Township residency is NOT required to purchase a rain barrel.
Rain Barrel Prices are as follows:
~ Unpainted Rain Barrel - $50 ~ $10 discount if you attend one of our rain barrel workshops
~ Painted Rain Barrel - $75 ~ $10 discount if you attend one of our rain barrel workshops
~ Custom Art Rain Barrel - starting at $100

Painted rain barrels are NOT in stock, are painted to order and are ONLY available mid-April thru mid-October.

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Rain barrels are connected to downspouts. Please answer whether it will attached to a round or rectangular downspout.
Unpainted or Painted Rain Barrel Color (Painted Rain Barrels ONLY available mid-April thru mid-October.) *
See color chart below. *The colors that appear on the screen or in print slightly differ from painted barrels*
Custom Art Barrel Description
Type in art barrel design ~ Specific designs can be emailed after you receive a response.
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Are you planning on attending one of our rain barrel workshops? *
Attending a workshop will qualify you for a $10 discount off of an unpainted or single color painted rain barrel.
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Type in any additional information or questions or if you are planning on linking several barrels together on one downspout.
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