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Question 1
Place the following events in chronological order: ICISS Report; UN High-Level Panel; emergence of the term sovereignty as responsibility; World Summit; Kosovo War
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Question 2
Which principle was introduced in 2011 by one of the BRICS countries to complement R2P? Which BRICS country introduced that principle?
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Question 3
Which modern thinker first developed the idea of sovereignty as responsibility?
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Question 4
Which actors were the norm entrepreneur, state champion, and norm broker of R2P, respectively?
Question 5
The responsibilities to prevent, react, and rebuild were adopted by the UN as the 3 pillars of R2P. (True/False)
Question 6
The BRICS countries have expressed strong support for which element of R2P?
Question 7
The World Summit Outcome Document committed the Security Council to take enforcement action...
Question 8
Which actor in the UN system is primarily responsible for defending and promoting the R2P principle?
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Question 9
The Security Council imposes economic sanctions on a country that is committing ethnic cleansing against a minority group. Which pillar of R2P does this fall under?
Question 10
Myanmar launches a judicial reform program to ensure that ethnic minorities are treated fairly in the court system. Which pillar of R2P does this fall under?
Question 11
Canada provides military training to Nigerian security forces to help them fight Boko Haram. Which pillar of R2P does this fall under?
Question 12
How would you best characterize the position of the BRICS on NATO's intervention in Libya?
Question 13
Did R2P apply in the case of Myanmar's refusal to accept international aid in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in 2008? Why or why not? Answer in 150 words.
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Question 14
How would you best characterize the outcome of the 2014 General Assembly debate on R2P?
Question 15
What is the official position of the African Union (AU) on R2P?
Question 16
How was R2P applied in Kenya in 2008? (Choose as many as apply)
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