Genesis 6 Vendor Application
Please read the long wall of text provided before applying!
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This application is to sell your wares, creations and goods at GENESIS 6 in the Grand Ballroom at the Marriott Oakland Convention Center, from FRIDAY February 1st, to SUNDAY February 3rd. The venue will be open from Friday at 9am, and will close on Sunday, at 5pm. 24 hour access will be available for the entire venue during those hours.

Vending will not be available at the Paramount Theatre.

Please review these rules and terms and fill out the application provided below to apply for participation as a GENESIS 6 artist/vendor. It will NOT be first come first serve; applications will be reviewed and replied to on a case by case basis.


$600.00 USD

- ONE (1) 10’x10’ booth
- TWO (2) tablecloths
- TWO (2) 6' or 8' tables,
- up to FOUR (4) chairs
- ONE (1) black curtain backdrop
- TWO (2) black dividers
- up to FOUR (4) badges*
- up to FOUR (4) Sunday Top 8 Tickets

(one per application)
$300.00 USD

- ONE (1) 8' table
- ONE (1) tablecloth
- up to TWO (2) chairs
- up to TWO (2) badges*
- up to TWO (2) Sunday Top 8 Tickets

*Badges will grant access for Friday/Saturday at the Marriott Convention Center.


All vendors will receive badges for individuals registered in your application. Pricing for the tables is based on location, space, and amenities. Advertisement will be included on social media closer to the event. Additional packages for other services and advertisement opportunities will be available after applications close.

Two (2) chairs will be provided to each table unless otherwise specified. We will not be providing additional chairs on request beyond the chairs provided per table, as space is very limited. Power will be provided, internet is tentative.

You may not move or add tables, relocate, or use unauthorized furniture for your display. You may only use specified and provided tables and chairs.

*Publicly displaying 18+ works/excessive nudity
*Bootleg/merchandise that is not of your own creation
*Fanart is okay, but please heed to the rules and wishes of creators and developers of a series who do not want fanart to be sold.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in a warning. You may be removed from the venue and be prohibited to reapply at all future events if further action is required.


When you are approved for a table or booth, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions. Thank you and we hope to see you at GENESIS 6!

Layout of venue coming soon!

If you are are interested in multiple 10'x10' booths or special conditions, please contact with inquiries.

Please contact with any questions or concerns you have about these rules or the application.

(please continue to application!)

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