Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue Adoption Application
ALL applicable fields must be completed for your application to be processed! Please read through our adoption requirements on our website under the “Adopt” drop down menu. We do not make exceptions if you do not have a fenced yard or veterinary reference- both are required to adopt. If you have never owned any dogs, we unfortunately cannot adopt to you either. Dobermans are typically not a breed for first time dog owners. They are a working breed that require experience.

If any questions are left blank or incomplete, it will only delay the application process. Please note we are a "matching" rescue. We take into consideration what you are looking for in a dog, but will not adopt a dog to you if they are not compatible. We also do not adopt on a first come, first serve basis.

—We are a small group of volunteers only!
—You will be contacted via email if you are approved or denied, or if there are any questions about your application
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Dobermans require exercise and mental stimulation to thrive. What arrangements will you make to attend to the dogs exercise, training, and toilet needs? *
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Please tell us about the dogs you have had in the past 10 years (gender, breed, age, spayed/neutered). Do you still own these dogs? If not, what happened to them? *
Do you have any other pets other than dogs? (cats, birds, reptiles, livestock, etc) If so, what type? *
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