Initial Questionnaire for Inner Circle Sanctuary
This form is for when you are interested in interviewing to become a member of Inner Circle Sanctuary.
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Date of birth (MM-DD-YYYY)(We do have an 18 and over policy*.) *
*There are the very rare occasions when we allow students under the age of 18 but they must have a parent or guardian attend all classes, sabbats, and sabbat practices with them. The parent or guardian must also go through the question and interview process.
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Relationship status (We ask that you bring your partner with you for the interview.) *
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In-Person Classes, Sabbats, Sabbat practices, and other events REQUIRE that members are vaccinated against COVID-19 and have all their boosters. We offer the Monday online class specifically for those who do not want to get the Covid-19 vaccine. If you are able to comply or are still interested in learning from us for a Certificate of Completion, please continue.
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The interview process takes about an hour and a half. What days or evenings are you free for an interview? *
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Please be sure to read through our website and as many posts on our social media sites as possible. Please read the list of Required Items needed to begin class. Consider reading THE WITCHES' BIBLE by Janet and Stewart Farrar ASAP as this is our textbook. We give quizzes on every chapter, a Midterm and a Final Exam. If you do not enjoy the book or being quizzed, you will not enjoy our classes. Is this understood? *
Know that while we always practice robed and no sex is ever required, we do practice the Five Fold Kiss, light Ritual Scourging, and the symbolic Great Rite. If this is a problem for you, we are not the group for you. Is this understood?
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This is a teaching Coven that trains Wiccans. We do not have equivalency for already experienced Witches or Wiccans. All start from the beginning with us. Is this understood?
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While we appreciate peoples’ psychic gifts, they do not factor, at all, in our decision to accept someone, or how we train them. Is this understood?
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Inner Circle Sanctuary has a curriculum that every student follows, without exception. Is this understood?
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