Imagine your ideal future place!

All information will be submitted anonymously and collated on
Data collected before 21st October will be also be shared with architects and artists developing projects as part of The Future Project.

What is the scale of your future space?
What are the key values of your future place?
What would your future space place most merit on?
Is your future place open to everyone?
If you answered no, tell us a bit more about; the people from your future place, why you are selective and what the characteristics are for selection
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Would there be a stratification system or hierarchy in place?
If you answered yes, tell us more about how this works? Is it related to wealth, ability, location, skill, knowledge, chance, gender etc...
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Would the traditional nuclear family be retained?
If you answered no, how would young people be cared for?
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What would people live in?
What would people eat?
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Is there a political system in place?
What would your currency be?
What would be the energy source driving your future space?
If there was wrong doing, how would it be dealt with?
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Would you have a military force?
If you answered yes, what would they be like? Well trained? Aggressive? Independent? Peace keeping?
If you answered no, how would you protect your community?
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