Call for Creative Spaces
OACCE is seeking local accessible spaces to host arts and cultural programs and enhance community offerings and engagement in Philadelphia's neighborhoods. The space can be an organization that provides services, a venue that hosts free community events, or a place in your neighborhood where people regularly spend time, like a library or park. Unique and nontraditional spaces, especially those that speak to the neighborhood's identity or are distinct to the neighborhood, are encouraged. These spaces should not be primarily places of commerce, and must be spaces which are inclusive of all.

If your space is selected for programming, it will be matched with an Arts in Action program per its available capacity, accommodations, and programming request. OACCE will support events and activities through coordination with the party delivering the "what" (an art workshop, musical performance, improv class, etc) and the party providing the "where." OACCE will also provide promotional and marketing support. Spaces are required to designate one individual to serve as a contact point for the program. Spaces are partners in community driven arts and cultural programming, and as such, should share flyers, posters, and distribute information online to their community members.

The deadline to apply is November 17th, 2017

For all inquiries, contact Sam Perry, Community Arts Program Coordinator at 215-686-0343

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