Spectrum for Living Alex Awards Nomination Form
Named in honor of Spectrum for Living Founding Parent, Alexander Gallione, “The Alex Awards” is a progressive employee recognition program that is designed to recognize and reward employees who go “above and beyond” in service to Spectrum for Living.

The Spectrum for Living Alex Award consists of a special, color-coded commemorative card accompanied by a monetary incentive, as follows:

1st Award = Bronze Award + $25 gift
2nd Award = Silver Award + $50 gift
3rd Award = Gold Award + $75 gift
4th Award = Platinum Award + $100 gift

RULES & RESTRICTIONS: Any Spectrum for Living employee, client, or client family member/guardian may nominate a Spectrum employee for an Alex Award. Please submit only one nomination per month as additional nominations will not be considered. Any Spectrum for Living employee can achieve four different levels of Alex Awards, including: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. If an employee is nominated again after receiving a Platinum Award, the Award cycle restarts and the employee will receive a Bronze Award as their next Award. An employee must be in good standing to receive an Alex Award. No employee shall receive more than one Alex Award in any given month, and no employee shall receive more than four (4) Alex Awards per year, commencing with the date of their first award. A nomination for an Alex Award is not a guarantee that the nominee will be selected to receive an Award. No self-nominations please. The President & CEO and Executive Office staff are excluded from being considered for an Alex Award.

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