COVID-19 Critical Event Survey
In an effort to assist planning and support to the Adult Education field in California, the Adult Education Office at California Department of Education (CDE), is asking for your participation to complete this survey as soon as possible. Contact your regional CDE Adult Education Consultant by email for additional information. You may find the staff directory at:
1. Please provide your Agency Name and associated School District or Community College (as applicable) *
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Please choose your county from the list below. *
2. Please provide your email address. *
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3. Has your agency instituted any delay in operations or interruption of instruction? *
4. Do you anticipate administrative disruptions that would impact any WIOA Title II deliverables due in April? *
4a. If you answered "Yes" in the above question, please list which deliverables will be impacted.
5. Have you, or do you plan to, implement any remote learning options for students? *
6. What classes are you able to now provide in a remote learning format? *
7. What classes are you NOT able to provide in a remote learning format at this time? *
8. Which remote learning management platforms are you considering/using? Please list them below. *
9. If you are providing remote learning what curriculum, software, mobile apps or other tools are you using? (Note: The CDE does NOT promote one software/curricula over another) *
10. What types of video conferencing are you using with students? *
11. If you are using online formats for remote learning, what percentage of your students have access to this format? *
12. For those students that do NOT have internet access how are they continuing their learning? *
13. What online tools/resources have been most helpful?
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14. Are you still accepting new students? *
15. Has your enrollment declined? *
16. If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, what percentage of decline have you experienced? *
17. Do you have access to the data and fiscal management tools you use to monitor your programs? *
18. If you answered "No" to question 17, which tools do you not have access (TE, Student Information System i.e. ASAP, MIS) *
19. Have you been able to work or communicate with your local workforce development board to understand the regional economic impacts of COVID-19 and what changes may come to their regional plan? *
20. What other supportive services do your students need?
21. How are you working with partners to refer those students in need?
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22. Do you offer CTE programs?
23. If you answered "Yes" to question 22, have you or do you plan to implement remote learning options for CTE programs?
24. If "No" to question 22 above, please describe how your CTE program is offering remote learning opportunities for students.
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25. What tools would be helpful to meet the needs of your CTE teachers in transitioning to a remote learning environment?
26. Does your district/school site/teaching staff use CTE Online?
27. If you answered "Yes" to the above question, for what purposes?
28. If you answered "No" to question 26: What would make it useful?
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29. How are you supporting students participation with Census 2020? *
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30. What are your greatest challenges in this new education environment (i.e. HSE testing not available, CASAS pre/post testing, technology, current contact information for students)?
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