Outreach Ministries Fund Request Form
Please use this form to make a formal request of the Outreach Ministries Fund at NSCBC. Before making a request, please read the fund guidelines to ensure your project is in keeping with the stated purpose of the fund: <nscbc.org/omf>

You may submit a request at any time. You will be notified within a week if your request qualifies for consideration at the next OMF Team meeting. The OMF Team meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November to consider pending requests.

Contact the OMF team with any questions, at <omf@nscbc.org>.

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Please provide the name of the organization requesting funds. In the case of an individual, please provide the name of the organization with whom your project is most closely aligned.
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Please provide the website URL or address of the organization listed above so we can learn more.
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OMF Funding History *
Have you sought OMF funding before? If so, when was your last funding?
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Connection to NSCBC *
Who at NSCBC supports your program, through prayer, funding, or participation? (All applicants must have a connection to NSCBC for their application to be considered.)
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How did you find out about the Outreach Ministries Fund? *
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Amount Requested from OMF *
Include how you determined this cost.
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Full Amount Needed
If you are requesting only a portion of the project costs, please list here the full amount needed and how you are funding the rest. If the amount is an estimate, please let us know how you arrived at that estimate. Please note we will need full documentation of your final expenses.
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Type of Project *
Your Program *
Tell us about the program that will benefit from funding. (Later you will share more about your request).
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Purpose of Request *
What specific budget items do you propose to fund via this request?
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Funding Outcome *
What outcome do you hope to achieve with the funds requested? Please include a description of those who will directly benefit from this funding. Your answer could include qualitative and/or quantitative outcomes that explain: "If we receive these funds, we will do _________ for _______."
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Planned Impact *
Your answer might complete this sentence: "If we achieve the above desired outcomes, ______ will be different in the world."
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How does your project fit the purpose of the Outreach Ministry Fund? *
Refer to nscbc.org/outreach/omf/ for fund description if not familiar.
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Other Sources of Funding *
What other sources of funding are you pursuing for this project? Please indicate if these are collected, committed, or currently in process of being sought.
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Accountability *
What will you be able to provide, to assure us you used the funds as intended?
Funding Date *
By what date do you require funding in order to make the project possible?
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Include desired memo line, if needed.
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Please provide a contact person and address for the check.
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