RYC Coffee Chat Program - Incoming College Freshman Participation Form
Leaving for college soon? Every first year student experiences some discomfort transitioning to college life, whether it be academic struggles, feelings of loneliness, or homesickness. We know that being able to connect with an upperclassman from Rye on your campus is helpful throughout your freshman year.

The Rye Youth Council Coffee Chat Program connects first-year college students from Rye to upperclassmen also from Rye in order to provide mentorship and ease the college transition process.

Students like you can connect with other Rye students, before you go or on campus (in person, through email, phone call, Skype, etc), for approximately 30 minutes to an hour to answer questions, discuss the transition from high school to college, and share advice. And don't worry - if we can't pair you with a Rye alum at your college, we will match you based on shared interests to a Rye alum at a different school. Challenges are similar regardless of what school you attend.

If you have already connected to a college upperclassmen-great! Please fill out the form and we would love to have you become a part of the program as a mentor in the future!

Ready to talk to a Rye upperclassman? Submit the form below. We'll introduce you both through email and the rest is up to you. Thank you and happy connecting!
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