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Like many other small distilleries, we're making hand sanitizer (non gel). This form is for anyone interested in getting some.

Fill it out and we will contact you with details about availability.

Our hand sanitizer is made according to the WHO guidelines here: Distilleries in the USA have been given special permission by the TTB and FDA to make sanitizer according to this recipe.

(we offer discounts to front-line responders, vulnerable individuals, or anyone in need -- just ask!)

$10 / 16 oz bottle (190 uses)
$50 / 1 Gallon (1500 uses)

If you would like to donate extra bottles with your purchase, we are giving donations to local charities such as the Durham Rescue Mission or Durham Urban Ministries.

We full acknowledge these prices are higher than you might find at Walmart or other big retailers, and hand sanitizer is something of a commodity. We are a small business using the margins we make from this to stay open when our usual liquor business has been severely disrupted. If you are placing a large order or are not able to afford these prices but still have a need for our sanitizer, we are happy to provide a discount.

Someday this will be over. Stay safe until then.
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Bros V Hand Sanitizer - 16 oz bottles
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