NHIC Custodian Job application form
Job description:
● Report to the “Supervisor/Property Sector” who is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the facility.
● Maintain the maintenance and repair log as provided by the “Supervisor/Property Sector”
● Ensure Units 5, 6/7, 8 and 9 are prepared for the next day scheduled activities by taking out trash, tidying furniture, cleaning surfaces, and cleaning which needs to be done.
● Setup and breakdown of facilities for Jumaah prayer, meetings, classrooms, conferences, events, etc.
● Sweep and mop floors and thoroughly vacuum carpets
● Launder cleaning rags and mops after each use
● Empty/clean wastebaskets and trash containers
● Replace light bulbs and batteries (thermostat, dispensers, etc.) as needed
● Shampoo carpets once a year or sooner
● Wash and sanitize toilets, sinks and showers and restock disposables
daily (soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.)
● Ensure toilets, sinks, doors, dispensers, thermostats, etc are always working properly and report any needed repairs.
● Clean mirrors and clean interior and exterior windows monthly and as needed.
● Wash interior/exterior walls once per year or as needed
● Maintain outer premises by cleaning entrances, keeping all emergency exits free of debris and obstacles, and removing debris and trash daily from the outer premises
● Ensure rear of building is neat and all trash is placed in dumpsters
● Ensure all deliveries are made at the rear of the building
● Purchase, maintain, and secure cleaning chemicals and maintenance equipment
● Use and maintain equipment and hand tools; ladders, high pressure washer, vacuums, brooms, mops, squeegees, etc.
● Program and check all thermostats daily.
● Utilize insecticides to prevent infestation by dangerous pests
● Perform maintenance and minor repairs as needed (replacing broken switches, fixing door handles, door locks, minor leaks, patching holes, removing graffiti, touch-up paint, etc)
● Report major damages, needed repairs, and oversee repairs
● Lock and unlock facilities: secure building after operating hours by locking doors and windows, report any unauthorized occupants, turn-off lights, check thermostats, and setting alarm
● Undertake custodial tasks; shoveling snow from sidewalk, lifting heavy items, moving chairs/tables, organizing storage areas, closets, and cabinets, etc.
● Attend to emergencies when necessary
● Attend safety meetings and other necessary meetings
● Assist with inventory control
● Perform any other tasks that NHIC deems necessary Hourly wage $15.00

*Schedule: Monday thru Saturday, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Other times to be determent.
*During Saturday, Sundays events, Ramadan, Eid and Special Events extended hours will be offered.

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