Avid Employee Emergency Assistance Fund Application
COVID-19 has affected everyone in the Avid community in one way or another. We want to do our part to help, so we have created the Avid Emergency Employee Fund to assist those in need of basic needs (food, shelter, medical treatment).

The program was created with a pool of $10,000 from Avid4 Adventure. All 600+ staff (seasonal and year-round) that are scheduled to work for Avid in 2020 are eligible to apply. Applications and results will be kept confidential.
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Smaller award amounts will be distributed to you via an ACH payment from Avid4 Adventure. Larger award amounts will be distributed directly to a 3rd party (i.e. landlord, food assistance, etc). Please confirm your understanding below. *
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What other types of assistance are you currently receiving or hoping to receive in the future (e.g. state unemployment, federal assistance, etc)?
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If you have not applied for unemployment, please provide more information as to why you have not applied here.
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