Bigscreen: Video Player Survey
Thank you for trying out our video player! We'd love to learn more about your thoughts on this new feature so that we can continue improving your experience in Bigscreen!
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Now you can watch your video files wirelessly and on-the-go!
Which headset(s) do you use for Bigscreen? Select all that apply. *
How often do you use Bigscreen? *
Typically, how long do you use Bigscreen for? *
Which Bigscreen features do you use? Select all that apply. *
Which Bigscreen feature do you use the most? *
How would you rank the video player compared to other Bigscreen features? *
Least important feature to use. Never going to use it.
Most important feature to use. I will only use video player from now on!
How would you rank Bigscreen's video player to other VR video players? *
Terrible. I will not use Bigscreen's video player.
The best! Bigscreen's video player replaces all the other VR video players out there.
Do you see yourself using our video player more often than other VR video players? Why or why not? Are there any tools that you need and our video player does not provide? *
Was it difficult to learn how to use our video player? Was our interface confusing at all? *
Do you prefer to host public or private rooms? *
How important is it for your to watch with others? *
Not important. I prefer to watch alone.
Very important! I only use Bigscreen to watch with friends.
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