2021 Destination Animation Project Application
Enabling cultural events and experiences throughout Stratford. A collaboration between RTO4, Stratford City Centre BIA and Destination Stratford. See https://visitstratford.ca/dap for more details. Please completely fill out the form below:
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1. Title of Cultural Resort Town event/experience/project *
2. Please provide a brief description of your event/experience/project.(If this initiative is a collaboration, list all partners and function) *
3. What are the dates, duration and/or target completion date of this experience/project?(Please list key milestones occur in the timeline leading up to this date(s)) *
4. What are the goals/expectations for the project? *
5. How will the success of the project be measured and reported? *
6A. What is the overall budget for the project? *
6B. Budget breakdown (up to 10 items) Provide an itemized list of expenses, indicating which expenses will be covered by the applicant (may include staff resources and work-in-kind), and which are provided through the Destination Animation Project partners. *
7. Please demonstrate your capacity (staff time and required skill set) to successfully implement this project. *
8. What are the risks associated with this project (i.e. weather, permitting, minimum attendance requirements...)? Describe contingency plans to mitigate these risks. *
9. How will this project leverage social media sharing before, during and after (where applicable)? *
10. Is there any charge or admission price for the experience? If so, how much? *
11. What type of marketing support will be provided to promote this experience/project? *
12. Is this intended to be a recurring/ongoing project? *
13. Describe the Covid-19 Health and Safety planning for this event. *
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