Perform at Write My Blurb (every 3rd Friday of the month)
Apply for a slot at our new monthly theatre scratch night at The Canvas Cafe (just off Brick Lane!)
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What is Write My Blurb?
We want to experiment with fun new ways for artists to get feedback on their work.
The night happens every 3rd Friday of the month.
We are looking for a variety of performances (of 7-10mins in length) that you want to put to a living, breathing audience and hear how they would summarise it/describe it to a friend. The audience will take on the role of BLURB writer after each performance and you performers will get to pick your fave at the end of the night. Maybe you'll get a unanimous response, maybe every person will have gone on a totally different voyage, maybe there will be one word, maybe there'll be utter confusion.
Write My Blurb is a fun, experimental, interactive and playful way of sharing work that generates varied reflections and theatre-y chatter. Kind of like a live game of Balderdash.
We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary work - puppet Macbeth in an aquarium? musical comedy bears singing about sustainability with VR head sets? - performances that encompass music, visual art, film, games, interaction/digital, story telling, clown and any other sorts of strangeness are more than welcome to apply.
We will charge £5 on the door and split all proceeds between acts... not much, but something at least!!

Write My Blurb is a part of the Friday Night Owls women-led performance nights at the Canvas -

a bit about our venue...
We will be doing this night in The Canvas Cafe basement. It is a relatively small space (audience of 35-40) with simple tech setup, not a luxurious theatre space... so please bear that in mind if you want to perform. It is equipped with a high definition projector and a large, electronically operated cinema screen; wifi; flip chart and pens; sound system; microphones (x2) and basic LED stage lights.
a bit about you...
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In a nutshell, what do you want to do and why do you want to get feedback on your work at this stage?
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Title of Performance
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A description of the performance you want to test out...
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Tech requirements? Anything else? (ie: is there a bunch of water, glitter or JAM we would need to clean up after your act?)
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When we ask the audience to Write YOUR Blurb, we will build/improv a simple soundscape. How would you like the audio environment to be (!)...? for example in the past, we have had a 'magical forest' or a 'haunted monastery'...This helps audiences focus on expressing/articulating what they just saw as well as adding to the game-like aspect of the night!
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A short description of you, your work, what you do... (this ideally would be a link to something, a CV, some evidence of previous work)
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Is there a particular 3rd Friday you'd like to perform?
Contact Ellie & Francine on for any questions.
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