Centre MINE is pleased to introduce the MEA Virtual University Challenge: Portfolio Management Competition 2021. For Senior Students with knowledge and interest in the financial markets.

Evaluation Criteria:
Students will be expected to build a portfolio of stocks from a chosen index, in PAL and PORT native applications.

Students will be expected to build a portfolio of stocks from a chosen index, in PAL and PORT native applications.

Securities selection will be limited to the following criteria:
- Universe: S&P 500
- ESG score > 60
- No single security can exceed 10% weight in the portfolio
- Selection is not to exceed 50 stocks
Portfolios will be evaluated on different weighted variables:
• Portfolio Returns – 50% Weight
• Sharpe Ratio – 25% Weight
• Information ratio – 25% Weight

Competition Timeline
Registration Open for Students: 6th October 2021 to 24th October
Refinitiv Academy Briefing Session for Students: 25th & 26th October
Access to Refinitiv Workspace for Students granted: 27th October 2021
Competition Commences: 27th October
Weekly Motivator and Q&A Sessions: 3rd November - 10th November - 17th November
Closing Access to Refinitiv Workspace for Students: 23rd November
Finalists Announced: 24th November
Finalists present to Judging Panel: 29th November
Winners Announced: 1st December 2021

APPLY BEFORE OCT 20 on the following link:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS are available on the following link:
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