Physics Ch. 11, Sec. 1 video assessment
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Ch. 11 Sec. 1 Video
Watch this video and answer the questions below
Explain how a spring is an example of simple harmonic motion.
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If you stretch out a spring, in which direction is the spring force acting?
Which of these springs will have the highest spring constant?
What is the spring constant of a spring that is displaced .5 m and has a spring force of 2 N?
When you squish a hanging slinky, was is the spring force acting on the the slinky?
As you pull a pendulum back, what happens to the restoring force?
Where in simple harmonic motion is the restoring force the highest?
Write a 3 sentence summary on the section
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Which of these test prep questions can you still not answer?
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After this video, the question I still have is.....
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