WAY Michigan Family Initial Perception Survey 2019-20
This survey is written for parents and children to discuss as a family the programs and supports you can receive during the school year. We will have another perception survey at the end of the year to see if we have bettered the understanding of our programs and supports. We are looking to use this data to continue to improve the quality of programs and supports that we provide. If you would like to discuss your child you can reach out to the WAY Michigan office at 313-638-2716 or email at enroll@wayprogram.net.
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If you feel your child's needs are not being met then what do you think is missing from our program? *
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Loaning of Technology
ALEKS Math Support Program
Achievement Testing
Live Sessions with Teachers (Small Groups)
One on One with Teachers
One on One with Paraprofessional
Mentoring Program (10 students to 1 Mentor)
Technology Support
Parent Meetings
Field Trip
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What about WAY Michigan has been beneficial to you and your child?
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