青潛潛水課程預約 Best Dive Course
請注意 Attention
★請在活動的1個月前完成預約和預付50%訂金的程序。Please complete booking and payment of 50% deposit ONE months before the first date of the course.

★OW 只接受10歲至59歲人士預約;AOW 只接受15歲至59歲人士預約. We accept bookings of 10 to 59 years old (inclusive) for OW, and 15 to 59 years old (inclusive) for AOW.

★OW課程注意:學員付了訂金後,會收到ebook的登入密碼。學員必須在課程開始日之前【完成所有課程知識、複習問題和測驗】(i.e. knowledge review, quiz, and exams)。到達後,教練會跟學員確認答案。After deposit payment, each student will receive a redeem code to log into their e-book. All students have to COMPLETE all knowledge reviews, quizzes and exams BEFORE the start day. Course instructor will confirm your answers.

課程費用 Course Price
★PADI 開放水域潛水員課程 Open Water (OW)

單人:每位 Single person ¥64,000;
2~3人同行 (2~3 people together):每位 Each person ¥59,000;
4人同行(4 people together):每位 Each person ¥54,000

★ PADI 進階開放水域潛水員 Advanced Open Water (AOW)

單人:每位 Single person ¥60,000;
2~3人同行 (2~3 people together):每位 Each person ¥55,000;
4人同行(4 people together):每位 Each person ¥50,000

***課程費用不包括船費。如因海況而不能進行岸潛,每一次船潛,每一位學員另須付1200日幣。Course prices above do not include boat fee. If sea conditions mean only boat dives are available, each student will have to pay an extra ¥1200 per boat dive.

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請選擇參加人數。 Please select the number of participants. *
開始日期 Start Date *
請選擇開始日期。Please select the start date of the course.
潛水員健康檢查注意事項 Medical to clear *
水肺潛水是一項刺激且要求較高的活動。為了潛水安全,你的身體狀況必須良好,不能過度肥胖。患有氣喘、心臟疾病、冒或鼻塞、癲癇、重大健康問題或定期服用藥物皆會影響潛水活動。潛水前8小時內不能攝取酒精。單次潛水完結後12小時、或重複潛水完結後18小時內,禁止乘搭飛機。請每一位組員都在出發前詳細閱讀【健康聲明書 https://goo.gl/ZX8b74】,確定身體狀況適合潛水。如有選項為 『是 』 ,請開立醫師證明確定身體狀況適合潛水並提交才可參與體驗潛水。 Diving can be strenuous under certain conditions. To scuba dive safely, you should not be extremely overweight or out of condition. Your respiratory and circulatory systems must be in good health. All body air spaces must be normal and healthy. If you have asthma, heart disease, other chronic medical conditions or you are taking medications on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor, obtain a doctor‘s permit, and submit the permit to us before participating in scuba diving. No alcohol consumption within 8 hours before diving. You should not be flying on a plane within 12 hours of a single dive or 18 hours of multiple dives. Please read the medical form 【https://goo.gl/mE2CbG】  (if any is Yes, you need to submit a doctor's permit).
代表聯絡姓名 Full Name *
中文或英文全名 Chinese or English Full Name
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臉書名稱 Facebook Name *
請輸入您自己的臉書名稱 Your Facebook Name
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連絡電話 Contact Number *
電話請輸入 (國家地區號碼) 例如:(852)1234-5678 Contact Number with Country code), e.g. (852)1234-5678
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電子郵箱 Email Address *
您的電郵Email地址 (我們會以電郵聯絡。請也密切留意垃圾郵箱) We will contact you by emails. Please also check your spam mailbox
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LINE或WhatsApp帳號 LINE ID or WhatsApp Number *
帳號(LINE ID) 或是你的WhatsApp電話號碼.★請務必確認清楚正確無誤。Fun Dive尤其是船潛,出船與否受海況影響,本店隨時有機會聯繫你。 Please let us know your LINE ID or WhatsApp number for emergency contact. ★Please ensure the info is correct.
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首選語言 Preferred Language *
*我們不能保證能分配到您要求的語言, 但我們會盡力安排。*We cannot gaurantee, but we will try our best to arrange.
優惠代碼(如有)Coupon code (if any)
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備註 Remarks *
請列出各階級潛水執照(OW、AOW、DM等)的人數。 Please list the number of holders of each level, e.g. OW, AOW, DM licences.
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近視度數 Shortsightedness *
建議佩戴著隱形眼鏡。如需要本店預備度數鏡片,請列出近視度數和人數。 If you require lenses to be stuck on masks, please provide the power of each person. 【蛙鏡度數以100度遞增,只能提供200至600度近視。沒有中間的度數、散光、遠視度數可提供。如果希望看得舒服,強烈建議佩戴著隱形眼鏡過來喔!We will provide lenses to stick on the masks, powers are -2.00~-6.00 (by -1.00 step only, not in between). Lenses for farsightedness or astigmatism are not available. For comfort, we recommend wearing contact lenses. 】
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關於取消條款 Cancellation Policy *
關於取消的規則,當天取消的話需支付100%的金額。1個月內取消的話,50%訂金不會被退回。請於活動的1個月之前提出取消。取消請用電郵聯絡我們。如海面情況或颱風之類的惡劣天氣不容許活動進行,本店會在前一天19:00通知。敬請留意電郵(包括垃圾郵箱)和Line/WhatsApp。對於大自然變化而讓課程進度緩慢,本店不會作出任何賠償。所以如果可行,請多預留額外1~2天在沖繩,本店可以補課完成課程。如果因身體狀況(感冒或其他病症)導致不能潛水,必須出示醫生證明,才可獲全額退款。Cancellation within ONE MONTH incurs 50% of the activity fee, meaning deposit is not refunded. Please cancel by email. In exceptional sea conditions or typhoons which render it impossible to dive and also extends the length course, we would contact you one day before. Please look out for emails including your spam mailbox, and Line/Whatsapp message. In this situation we would not be liable for any damages. Please therefore try and have 1~2 extra days in Okinawa so that we can complete the course for you. Should your physical conditions render it impossible to join the course, please submit a doctor's letter for full refund.
在預約後/付訂金前後,以電郵提供每一個學員的以下資料以便安排裝備、教練和寄出e-book給每一位OW學員。Please provide us with the following details after booking by email. (info@bestdiveokinawa.com)
1)英文全名 Full Name
2)出生日期 Date of Birth
3)電郵地址 Email Address
4)性別 Gender
5)年齡 Age
6)身高 Height
7)體重 Weight
8)鞋碼 Shoe Size
9)近視度數 Shortsightedness
10) 是否懂游泳 Knows how to swim?
小統計 Let me know where you found us! *
請問您是在哪裡找到青潛的呢~? Where did you know about us?
預約完成後,我們會以電郵聯絡。請也留意垃圾郵箱Spam Mailbox。感謝您選擇青潛! Thank you for filling in the booking form. We will contact you via email. Please also check your Spam Mailbox. Thank you for choosing Best Dive Okinawa!
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